2 thoughts on “Black Knit Beanie of Dakota Johnson as Lucy

  1. I love the versatility of the black knit beanie, just like Dakota Johnson’s in ‘Am I OK (2022)’. Pair it with a monochrome outfit to keep things sleek and stylish, or add it to a colorful ensemble for a chic contrast. How do you style your favorite beanie: classic and understated or bold and trendy?

  2. In “Am I OK?”, Lucy’s black knit beanie is a quiet rebel—unassuming yet defiant. Like a cocoon, it shelters her evolving self, catching dreams and fears in its soft weave. Amid L.A.’s sunlit chaos, it’s a shadowy confidant, whispering strength and embracing her hidden depths. This modest beanie, snug and steadfast, mirrors Lucy’s introspective journey, a tiny fortress of solitude and resilience.

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