2 thoughts on “Black Leather High Top Canvas Shoes of Kim Yoon-ji as Mi-Sun

  1. To rock the Black Leather High Top Canvas Shoes similar to those worn by Kim Yoon-ji as Mi-Sun in ‘Lift (2024)’, pair them with skinny jeans or distressed denim for a edgy, casual look. For a more sophisticated style, match them with a leather jacket and a monochrome dress. These shoes also complement athleisure outfits, making them versatile for both urban and chic ensembles.

  2. Kim Yoon-ji’s black leather high-top canvas shoes in “Lift” stride with resilience and rebellion, like armor for Mi-Sun’s journey through chaos. Worn and weary, they whisper tales of restless nights and defiant days, pounding pavements in pursuit of unspoken dreams. They’re more than footwear—they’re Mi-Sun’s silent companions, embodying her gritty spirit and unyielding resolve against an unforgiving world.

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