2 thoughts on “Blue Jacket of Antony Starr as John Gillman / Homelander

  1. Absolutely love the bold, heroic vibes of Antony Starr’s blue jacket as Homelander on ‘The Boys’! Style tip 1: Pair it with dark skinny jeans and combat boots for an edgy street style look. Style tip 2: Wear it over a white tee and tailored trousers for a casual yet chic outfit. What’s your favorite iconic TV character’s wardrobe piece that you’d love to own?

  2. Antony Starr’s blue jacket on John Gillman/Homelander oozes an eerie blend of patriotism and menace, like the star-spangled wings of a night predator. Its gleaming undercurrents whisper of twisted ideals and fractured heroism, a royal blue armor masking a tempest of power unchecked. This garb isn’t merely worn—it declares, reigns, and dominates, reflecting the dark allure of a corrupted icon who’s as much a nightmare as he is a false god.

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