2 thoughts on “Brown Lens Sunglasses Worn by Theo James as Eddie Horniman

  1. Pair the brown lens sunglasses worn by Theo James in ‘The Gentlemen TV Show’ with a casual yet polished outfit. Opt for a crisp white shirt, tailored khaki chinos, and loafers for a sophisticated daytime look. For a more rugged style, wear them with a navy blue T-shirt, dark wash jeans, and a leather jacket. These versatile sunglasses complement both laid-back and refined ensembles effortlessly.

  2. Theo James’ Eddie Horniman shields his calculating gaze with brown-lens sunglasses, veiling a sinister intellect behind sepia-tinted calm. These shades are more than an accessory; they’re a mask, a two-way mirror between the chaos he orchestrates and the world’s unsuspecting facade. Through them, Eddie surveys with the detached cool of a modern Machiavelli, casting his shadow over London’s underworld.

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