2 thoughts on “Burgundy Ribbed Mock Neck Sweater of Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez

  1. Pair the Burgundy Ribbed Mock Neck Sweater, inspired by Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in ‘Echo,’ with high-waisted black skinny jeans and ankle boots for a sleek and stylish look. Add a longline coat and statement earrings to elevate the outfit for a chic, polished appearance perfect for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

  2. Maya Lopez’s burgundy ribbed mock neck sweater in Echo isn’t just fabric; it’s a silent warrior’s armor. The deep, blood-red hue mirrors her fierce resilience, while the ribbed texture signifies the scars of battles fought. As she navigates her tumultuous world, the sweater clings to her like the shadows she commands—strong, unwavering, and unyielding, capturing the raw essence of her relentless spirit.

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