2 thoughts on “Cat-Eye Sunglasses of Lauren Patten as Anna Collier

  1. To achieve a chic and timeless look with Cat-Eye Sunglasses like those worn by Lauren Patten as Anna Collier in ‘Death and Other Details,’ pair them with a stylish trench coat and ankle boots for an effortlessly sophisticated ensemble. For a more casual vibe, team the sunglasses with a well-fitted white tee, high-waisted jeans, and slip-on loafers. These versatile sunglasses also elevate sundresses, making them perfect for weekend brunches or a day out in the city.


  2. Anna Collier’s cat-eye sunglasses in “Death and Other Details” are her shield and signature, their sharp, upswept edges mirroring her cunning gaze and veiled secrets. With every glance from behind those dark lenses, the world sees not just a woman, but a feline-esque siren prowling through shadows, her intentions as mysterious and bold as the noir frames she wears. They are both her mask and magnifier, amplifying the enigma she embodies.

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