Floral Print Cardigan of Joon Lee as TK Lee in "The Brothers Sun"

Hi, aesthetic architects! TK Lee, played by actor Joon Lee, is seen wearing floral print cardigan in The Brothers Sun TV Show.

floral print cardigan - Joon Lee (TK Lee) - The Brothers Sun TV Show
The Brothers Sun (2024 TV Series) Season 1 Episode 4 (Fashion Moment Timestamp - H00M05S12)

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One thought on “Floral Print Cardigan of Joon Lee as TK Lee

  1. Elevate your style with a floral print cardigan similar to the one Joon Lee wore as TK Lee in ‘The Brothers Sun.’ Pair it with a simple white t-shirt, slim-fit dark jeans, and loafers for a casual yet sophisticated look. Accessorize with a minimalist watch and a leather belt to complete the ensemble. For a more formal twist, layer it over a crisp button-down shirt and tailored trousers.

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