2 thoughts on “Gold Square Watch Worn by Kristofer Hivju as Florian de Groot

  1. For a sleek and timeless look, pair a gold square watch like the one worn by Kristofer Hivju in ‘The Gentlemen’ TV show with a crisp white dress shirt and tailored navy blazer. This combination highlights the watch’s elegance, making it a perfect accessory for both formal and smart-casual occasions. Complement the outfit with well-fitted chinos or dark jeans and polished leather shoes to complete the ensemble.

  2. Nestled on the wrist of Florian de Groot, the gold square watch gleams like a resolved paradox—a relic from another time weaving tales of old money civilization amidst chaos. Its geometric precision anchors Florian’s untamed aura, grounding his grit with an air of calculated elegance. Each ticking second mirrors his duality: sharp intellect concealed within rustic savagery, a constant reminder that within the gilded cage of opulence, primal instincts remain.

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