2 thoughts on “Green High Waisted Floral Pattern Shorts Worn by Kaia Gerber as Mitzi

  1. For a chic and effortless look with green high-waisted floral pattern shorts like those worn by Kaia Gerber in “Palm Royale,” pair them with a simple white cropped top or a fitted tank. Complement the outfit with neutral sandals or white sneakers. Add a straw hat and a crossbody bag for a perfect blend of casual and stylish, ideal for summer outings.

  2. Kaia Gerber’s green high-waisted floral shorts in “Palm Royale” bloom like a rebellious garden against the backdrop of conformity. They flutter with the audacity of a summer breeze, embodying Mitzi’s free spirit and defiant charm. Each flower is a whisper of youthful exuberance, while the high waist cinches her unyielding independence. These shorts don’t just dress her; they tell a story of vibrant individuality in a sepia-toned world.

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