2 thoughts on “Grey Havana Suit of Philip Michael Thomas as Detective Ricardo Tubbs

  1. For a stylish, modern twist on the ‘Grey Havana Suit’ worn by Philip Michael Thomas as Detective Ricardo Tubbs in “Miami Vice,” pair it with a crisp white dress shirt and sleek black loafers. Add a thin black tie and aviator sunglasses for a subtle yet sophisticated edge. Complete the look with a classic, elegant watch and ensure your suit is well-tailored for a sharp, contemporary appearance.

  2. Philip Michael Thomas’s Grey Havana suit as Detective Ricardo Tubbs in Miami Vice is a shadowy whisper of 1980s elegance—steely sophistication wrapped in tropical danger. It’s a sartorial armor, a sleek panther prowling through Miami’s neon jungle, embodying Tubbs’ cool resilience and mysterious allure. The suit’s smoky hue mirrors both the moral and literal twilight in which Tubbs operates, fusing style with the gritty pulse of his undercover world.

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