2 thoughts on “Herringbone Tweed Blazer Worn by Kaya Scodelario as Susie Glass

  1. Elevate your style with a herringbone tweed blazer like the one Kaya Scodelario wore as Susie Glass in ‘The Gentlemen’. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and tailored black trousers for a sophisticated look, or dress it down with a casual tee and dark jeans. Finish with loafers or ankle boots to seamlessly blend elegance and comfort.

  2. Draped in a Herringbone Tweed Blazer, Kaya Scodelario as Susie Glass embodies sharp elegance and cunning resilience. This garment, woven like a tapestry of secrets, is a cloak of sophistication and strategy, reflecting her intricate mind. Its classic pattern whispers of timeless wisdom, while the tailored cut hints at her precise, deadly efficiency. In every fiber, the blazer narrates Susie’s dance through danger, encasing her in a veneer of refined, calculating poise.

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