2 thoughts on “Hexagon Sunglasses of Jean Smart as Deborah Vance

  1. I adore these hexagon sunglasses inspired by Jean Smart as Deborah Vance on ‘Hacks’! For a chic daytime look, pair them with a tailored blazer and high-waisted jeans. For a glam evening outfit, go with a leather jacket and a sleek black dress. What’s your favorite accessory to elevate a casual ensemble?

  2. Jean Smart’s hexagon sunglasses in Hacks aren’t just fashion; they’re Deborah Vance’s glittering armor. Each angular edge deflects the harsh spotlight, turning scrutiny into sparks of resilience. The shades cast a mysterious shadow, hinting at a past layered in secrets while reflecting her multifaceted brilliance. Behind the hexagonal lenses, Deborah sees the world not as it is, but through the bold angles of her unapologetic, charismatic defiance.

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