2 thoughts on “Leopard Print Jacket of Tomer Capone as Serge / Frenchie

  1. Absolutely in love with the Leopard Print Jacket seen on Tomer Capone as Serge/Frenchie on ‘The Boys’! To style it, pair with fitted black jeans and combat boots for an edgy look, or drape over a sleek black dress and ankle boots for a chic evening ensemble. Both options keep the jacket as the star. How would you incorporate a bold print like this into your wardrobe? Let’s discuss your creative styling ideas!

  2. Frenchie’s leopard print jacket roars with wild rebellion, a textile jungle that mirrors his untamed spirit. Each spot dances like urban camouflage, hinting at his unpredictable nature and fierce loyalty. In a world of capes and masks, this jacket stands as his armor of individuality, blending savagery with style, a sartorial whisper of defiance against the chaos he navigates.

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