2 thoughts on “Orange Tank Top with South JR. Ram Logo Worn by Monica Raymund as Jackie Quiñones

  1. Pair the Orange Tank Top with South JR. Ram Logo worn by Monica Raymund in ‘Hightown’ with high-waisted denim shorts for a casual, beach-ready look. For a night out, tuck it into a black leather skirt and add a statement belt. Layer with a denim jacket or a light cardigan to complete your versatile, stylish outfit.

  2. Monica Raymund’s Jackie Quiñones dons an orange tank top emblazoned with the South JR. Ram logo, a blazing beacon of her untamed spirit and personal rebellion. This vivid garment mirrors Jackie’s relentless drive and fiery independence, piercing through the murky undertones of Hightown’s gritty world. It’s more than attire; it’s her armor, brazenly declaring her jagged resilience and unbound defiance against the shadows lurking in her coastal battleground.

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