2 thoughts on “Pink Cropped Cardigan of Cierra Ramirez as Mariana Adams Foster

  1. The Pink Cropped Cardigan worn by Cierra Ramirez as Mariana Adams Foster in ‘Good Trouble’ is a versatile piece perfect for various looks. Pair it with high-waisted jeans or a sleek midi skirt for a chic, casual ensemble. For a more polished outfit, layer it over a fitted dress. The cardigan’s cropped design highlights your waist, making it ideal for complementing both casual and semi-formal attire. Complete the look with simple accessories and neutral heels or flats to balance the vibrant color

  2. Mariana’s pink cropped cardigan in Good Trouble is a blush of innocence amidst chaos, a symbolic shield of youthful optimism and tender vulnerability. It wraps her ambition and insecurities alike, hinting at the delicate balance between her resilient spirit and the softer, unguarded heart beneath. The cardigan flutters like a banner of fresh possibilities, tenderly proclaiming her journey of self-discovery and the beauty in her imperfection.

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