2 thoughts on “Pink Leopard Print Silk Blouse Worn by Chanel Cresswell as Tammy

  1. Pair the Pink Leopard Print Silk Blouse worn by Chanel Cresswell as Tammy in ‘The Gentlemen’ with high-waisted black skinny jeans for a chic, modern look. Add some pointed-toe heels and minimalist gold jewelry to elevate the ensemble. This bold blouse also works beautifully tucked into a sleek black pencil skirt for a sophisticated office outfit. Match with a tailored blazer for extra polish and warmth. Finish off with a clean, understated clutch. Perfect for making a stylish statement!

  2. Tammy’s pink leopard print silk blouse is a flamboyant roar amidst a sophisticated jungle, embodying fierce elegance and untamed allure. It wraps her in confident rebellion, an audacious whisper of wild sensuality against the backdrop of London’s criminal underworld. This garment isn’t just worn; it prowls with attitude, a vivid emblem of Tammy’s unpredictable spirit and enigmatic charm, crafting a visual harmony between ferocity and grace.

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