2 thoughts on “Purple Tie Dye Oversized Sweatshirt of Joey King as Zara Ford

  1. I absolutely adore the Purple Tie Dye Oversized Sweatshirt Joey King wore in ‘A Family Affair’! Style it with black skinny jeans and chunky sneakers for a casual look, or tuck it into a high-waisted mini skirt paired with ankle boots for an edgy vibe. How would you style this trendy piece for a night out?

  2. Joey King as Zara Ford wraps herself in a swirling galaxy of creativity with her purple tie-dye oversized sweatshirt. This vibrant cocoon symbolizes her rebellious spirit and untamed imagination within the structured world around her. The cosmic blend of colors dances like her untamed ideas, making her stand out as a beacon of youthful freedom in “A Family Affair.” Every ripple of the dye tells a story of dreams too big for any canvas.

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