2 thoughts on “Rectangular Frame Sunglasses Worn by Uma Thurman as Patrice Capullo

  1. To recreate Uma Thurman’s chic look from “The Kill Room,” pair rectangular frame sunglasses with a sleek black blazer and high-waisted jeans for a sophisticated, yet edgy style. Add heeled boots and minimal accessories to keep the focus on the sharp frames. For a more casual vibe, try them with a graphic tee and leather jacket. These versatile sunglasses can easily elevate your outfit, giving you an effortless celebrity-inspired look.

  2. Uma Thurman’s Patrice Capullo dons rectangular frame sunglasses that slice through the chaos like a resolute artist’s brushstroke. Glossy and sharp-edged, they reflect not just light, but her calculating precision and enigmatic allure. These shades serve as a polished armor, a modern-day visor through which she controls and conceals her world, hinting at hidden depths and untold stories while exuding an air of unbreakable command and sophistication.

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