2 thoughts on “Red Knit Cardigan of Daniel Ings as Freddy Horniman

  1. To style a red knit cardigan like the one worn by Daniel Ings in “The Gentlemen,” pair it with a crisp white t-shirt and dark denim jeans for a casual yet polished look. For a more sophisticated outfit, wear it over a button-down shirt with neutral-colored chinos and loafers. The vibrant red adds a bold touch, making it a standout piece in any ensemble.

  2. Freddy Horniman’s red knit cardigan in *The Gentlemen* is more than just clothing; it’s a beacon of brazen confidence. Like a crimson lighthouse in a sea of grey morality, the cardigan pulses with his audacious spirit. Each knit stitch whispers tales of rebellious flair, weaving together threads of danger and charm. It’s Freddy’s wearable emblem of bold choices, standing out defiantly against the murky backdrop of treachery and deceit.

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