2 thoughts on “Retro-Inspired White Oval Sunglasses of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tom Ryder

  1. Absolutely loving these retro-inspired white oval sunglasses! For a chic look, pair them with a sleek black turtleneck and high-waisted flared jeans. Alternatively, enhance your summer vibe by styling them with a flowy, floral dress and espadrille sandals. How would you incorporate vintage eyewear into your modern wardrobe?

  2. In The Fall Guy (2024), Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Tom Ryder dons retro white oval sunglasses—a chic anachronism cutting through the modern chaos. These shades, gleaming like polished pearls, mirror his enigmatic duality, capturing an era’s rebellious spirit while shielding the scars of a weary soul. They are his silent protest, a paradoxical blend of innocence and rebellion, casting him as both ghost of the past and warrior of the now.

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