2 thoughts on “Round Frame Shape Sunglasses of Uma Thurman as Patrice Capullo

  1. Achieve a chic, timeless look by pairing round frame sunglasses, like those worn by Uma Thurman in “The Kill Room,” with a tailored trench coat and high-waisted trousers. Opt for neutral colors such as beige or black to create a sophisticated, versatile style. Complete the ensemble with a silk scarf and minimalist accessories for an effortlessly elegant, yet contemporary, appearance suitable for any occasion.

  2. Uma Thurman’s round frame sunglasses in “The Kill Room” shimmer with a cryptic elegance, like portals into an enigmatic soul. As Patrice Capullo, they channel an aura of aloof sophistication, masking secrets and reflecting her layered complexities. These sunglasses are more than accessories; they are her shield and her statement, a delicate veil over the labyrinth of her psyche, inviting curiosity while keeping the beholder at a tantalizing distance.

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