2 thoughts on “Round Sunglasses of Sonoya Mizuno as Jane

  1. I absolutely adore the retro vibes of the round sunglasses worn by Sonoya Mizuno in ‘Am I OK?’! For a chic look, pair them with a flowy boho dress and ankle boots. For a modern twist, wear them with a sleek jumpsuit and platform sneakers. What other iconic movie fashion moments inspire your style choices?

  2. Sonoya Mizuno’s Jane hides behind her round sunglasses like a modern-day oracle, each lens a portal to her inner self. The circular frames echo her journey, symbolizing the cyclical nature of self-discovery and authenticity. They shield but also reveal—a stylish paradox capturing her struggle and grace. Each glance through those tinted circles whispers tales of vulnerability wrapped in a chic, enigmatic exterior, adding depth to her evolving narrative.

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