Short Faux Fur Coat of Dua Lipa as Guest in "Saturday Night Live"

Hey, trend translators! Guest, played by actress Dua Lipa, is seen wearing short faux fur coat in the Saturday Night Live TV Show.

short faux fur coat - Dua Lipa (Guest) - Saturday Night Live TV Show
Saturday Night Live Season 49 Episode 18 (Fashion Moment Timestamp - 00h 11m 13s)

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One thought on “Short Faux Fur Coat of Dua Lipa as Guest

  1. To capture Dua Lipa’s chic style with a short faux fur coat, wear it over a sleek, monochrome outfit like a black turtleneck and tailored pants. Complement the look with ankle boots and minimalistic jewelry. This not only highlights the luxurious texture of the coat but also ensures a sophisticated, polished ensemble perfect for both day and night outings.

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