2 thoughts on “Stripe T-Shirt Worn by Ryan Gosling as Ken

  1. Emulate Ryan Gosling’s iconic Ken look from ‘Barbie (2023)’ with a stripe T-shirt by pairing it with fitted chinos or denim jeans. For a casual vibe, opt for white sneakers and add a denim jacket. To elevate the style, consider adding a lightweight blazer and loafers. Finalize with minimalistic accessories like a wristwatch or sunglasses to capture a trendy, effortless aesthetic.

  2. Ryan Gosling’s Ken dons a stripe T-shirt that mirrors a candy-colored daydream, embodying boyish innocence and a playful spirit. Each stripe tells a story of adventure in a plastic paradise, where reality bends to whimsy. It’s a soft armor of optimism in Barbie’s utopia, turning Ken into a living kaleidoscope of fun and freedom.

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