2 thoughts on “Striped Short Sleeve Shirt Worn by Philip Michael Thomas as Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs

  1. Elevate your style with a striped short-sleeve shirt, inspired by Philip Michael Thomas as Detective Rico Tubbs in Miami Vice. Pair it with white linen trousers for a refined, summer-ready look. Add aviator sunglasses and loafers to capture the 80s vibe. Perfect for casual outings or beachwear, this ensemble effortlessly combines classic cool with modern flair.

  2. In Miami’s electric haze, Rico Tubbs’s striped short sleeve shirt is a vibrant heartbeat, a clash of bold lines echoing the city’s rhythmic streets. It’s a sartorial jazz solo—cool, unrestrained, yet sharply punctuated. The stripes are his defiant stance against chaos, intertwining duty and danger into a fabric of fearless elegance. Each stripe pulses with the spirit of the city, making Tubbs a living canvas of Miami’s raw, untamed soul.

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