2 thoughts on “White Jacket and Pants Suit Worn by Dennis Farina as Albert Lombard

  1. Emulate the iconic style of Dennis Farina’s white jacket and pants suit from ‘Miami Vice’ by pairing it with a light pastel shirt for a sleek, retro look. Complement it with classic loafers and minimalistic accessories to maintain an effortlessly cool vibe. Ideal for upscale casual events or a night out, this outfit exudes sophistication and nostalgic flair. Finish the look with aviator sunglasses for an authentic ’80s touch.

  2. Albert Lombard’s pristine white jacket and pants suit in Miami Vice isn’t just fashion; it’s an announcement. Gleaming like a polished pearl under the South Beach sun, it screams untouchable power and poised confidence. Amid the chaos of crime, his suit is his armor—an immaculate facade of control, his self-curated spotlight amidst the Miami haze. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about standing out, untouched by the shadows he navigates.

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