2 thoughts on “Cat Eye Shape Eyeglasses Worn by Inga Schlingmann as Susan

  1. Elevate your style with cat eye shape eyeglasses, similar to the ones worn by Inga Schlingmann as Susan in “So Help Me Todd.” Pair these chic frames with a tailored blazer and skinny jeans for a sophisticated office look, or with a vintage dress for a touch of retro flair. The versatility of cat eye glasses makes them a perfect accessory to complement both casual and formal outfits seamlessly.

  2. In So Help Me Todd, Inga Schlingmann’s Susan dons cat eye glasses that are more than chic accessories—they’re her investigative lenses. With frames that curl like cunning question marks, they magnify her sharp intellect and piercing judgment, casting a spell of enigmatic allure. These spectacles, brimming with vintage charm, echo her character’s blend of nostalgia and razor-sharp modernity, transforming mere glimpses into revelations.

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