2 thoughts on “Cotton Button-Up Shirt of Theo James as Eddie Horniman

  1. Elevate your style by pairing a Cotton Button-Up Shirt, like the one worn by Theo James as Eddie Horniman in ‘The Gentlemen TV Show,’ with dark slim-fit jeans and leather loafers for a polished yet casual look. Layer with a tailored blazer for added sophistication, or swap in chinos and a light jacket for a more relaxed vibe. Perfect for both smart-casual events and everyday wear.

  2. Eddie Horniman, ensconced in his cotton button-up, exudes a blend of easy elegance and hidden cunning. The shirt, crisp yet unpretentious, mirrors the duality of Eddie’s façade—respectable on the surface, yet capable of disarming deception. Each button, a subtle chess move, threads a narrative of manipulation and charm, cloaking his true intentions behind a veil of sartorial sophistication. It’s not just an attire; it’s his armor in the gentleman’s battlefield.

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