2 thoughts on “Floral Knit Chunky Cardigan of Avantika Vandanapu as Karen Shetty

  1. For a stylish look inspired by Avantika Vandanapu’s Floral Knit Chunky Cardigan in “Mean Girls (2024),” pair this vibrant piece with high-waisted jeans and a simple white tee. Complement the outfit with ankle boots and minimalistic jewelry to let the cardigan shine. Perfect for casual outings and cozy evenings!

  2. In “Mean Girls: 2024,” Karen Shetty’s floral knit chunky cardigan is a whimsical tapestry of blossoming confidence. Each vibrant flower sewn into the cozy fabric symbolizes her blooming self-discovery amidst the jungle of high school hierarchy. The cardigan’s warm embrace serves as a shield, protecting her gentle spirit while boldly declaring her unique identity, transforming Karen from a wallflower into a garden of resilience and individuality.

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