2 thoughts on “Marble Print Short Sleeve Shirt Worn by Philip Michael Thomas as Detective Ricardo Tubbs

  1. Pair your Marble Print Short Sleeve Shirt, inspired by Philip Michael Thomas as Detective Ricardo Tubbs in ‘Miami Vice,’ with white linen trousers for a sleek, summer-ready look. Add loafers and aviator sunglasses to channel the iconic 80s style. For a casual twist, opt for light blue jeans and white sneakers. Perfect for beach outings or retro-themed parties!

  2. Amidst Miami’s neon haze, Ricardo Tubbs weaves through shadows in his marble print short sleeve shirt, a tapestry of stormy skies and ocean splashes. It’s as if he wears the city’s soul—restless, enigmatic, and vibrant. The shirt whispers tales of underworld pursuits and moonlit chases, embodying Tubbs’ quest for justice and his dance with danger. In this garment, he transforms into a living mural of rebellion and resolve.

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