2 thoughts on “Textured Brown Pullover with Classic Herringbone Pattern of Tomer Capone as Serge / Frenchie

  1. Absolutely love the textured brown pullover with classic herringbone pattern! To style it, pair with dark denim jeans and rugged boots for an effortless look. Alternatively, try it over a white button-up shirt with tailored chinos for a smart-casual vibe. How would you elevate this look for a night out?

  2. In The Boys, Tomer Capone’s Serge dons a textured brown pullover woven with classic herringbone patterns, mirroring his rough yet intricate soul. This garment, a tapestry of scars and resilience, envelops him in a cryptic embrace, embodying Frenchie’s mercurial blend of warmth and darkness. It’s more than attire—a metaphor for his fractured past and complex, jagged loyalty, wrapping his chaotic heart in threads of enduring, quiet strength.

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