Western Cowboy Print Pajama Worn by Kathryn Newton as Lisa Swallows in "Lisa Frankenstein"

Hello, fashion philosophers! Lisa Swallows, played by actress Kathryn Newton, is seen wearing western cowboy print pajama in the Lisa Frankenstein (2024) Movie.

western cowboy print pajama - Kathryn Newton (Lisa Swallows) - Lisa Frankenstein (2024) Movie
Lisa Frankenstein (2024 Film) (Fashion Moment Timestamp - H01M06S44)

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2 thoughts on “Western Cowboy Print Pajama Worn by Kathryn Newton as Lisa Swallows

  1. For a fun and stylish look, pair the Western Cowboy Print Pajama worn by Kathryn Newton as Lisa Swallows in ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ with a simple white tank top and cozy slippers for a relaxed, homey vibe. Add a denim jacket and ankle boots to transition the outfit for an outdoor setting. This unique, printed pajama set can effortlessly go from comfy loungewear to a chic, quirky ensemble with the right accessories.

  2. In Lisa Frankenstein, Kathryn Newton’s Lisa Swallows lounges in a whimsical Western cowboy print pajama, a playful rebellion against suburban mundanity. The pajama’s vivid pattern of prancing horses and cacti mirrors Lisa’s wild spirit and yearning for adventure amidst reanimation chaos, turning sleepy attire into a vibrant symbol of restless dreams and untamed potential. It’s as if her very nightwear gallops through time, embodying the film’s duel between life’s confines and unbridled imagination.

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